Best Core Strength Training for Pole Fitness Exercises

Best Core Strength Training for Pole Fitness Exercises When you are first getting started with pole fitness you may need to work on your core strength to perform well on the pole. Even if you are only thinking of getting started with pole fitness and do not even yet have a pole of your own these selection of core strength training for pole fitness exercises are a great place to start. You can also practice these wherever you find yourself located so they are great to keep in shape if you are travelling or on the on road a lot and short of time to attend your local pole fitness exercise class. Practice these … [Read more…]


Why Pole Fitness?

pole dancing fitness
Hi and welcome to my first blog. I’m an avid dance and fitness enthusiast and often struggle to make time to exercise, enjoy myself and have time for my hobbies.

I discovered pole fitness a year ago from a friend and I’ve never looked back as it lets me dance and stay fit.

Hopefuly I can share some of my experiences with you on my blog.